Sheila Tejada

Sweet. Smart. Strong.

When most people meet Sheila they always think of her as such a sweetheart, and sometimes even demure. Sheila is sweet but not so delicate. She has a yellow belt in Krav Maga, is a competitive runner, circuit trained with ex-military coaches, started her own production company with 2 other female friends, called Tiny but Mighty Films, and pursued acting even when her parents told her it was a bad idea. 

Her parents always hoped she’d be a nurse but instead she grew up to play one on TV (Watch SHOWTIME’s “Ray Donovan” Season 3 Premiere episode).  She continues working in film, stage and TV and continues to pave her own way outside of the bubble she grew up in. Not following the fold and breaking the mold has not been vain. She has nominations as BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS by the MADRID INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL for her role in VENA AMORIS, for BEST LEAD ACTRESS by the ASIANS ON FILM FESTIVAL for her role in ANASTASIA’S JOURNEY, and BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS by the SYDNEY INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL for her role in DRIVING WHILE BLACK. In addition to acting, she is also a trained singer, works with kids with Autism and other special needs, and loves to dance.